Front facade of 101 building. A grey warehouse with a pitched roof and orange doors and 101 sign

Facilities at 101

101 offers both vast and intimate rehearsal spaces, plus a fabrication workshop for wood and metal working.

15 accommodation cabins allow companies to stay on site. There's communal space to eat, meet and relax, plus kitchen, laundry and shower facilities.

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Download a floorplan of 101 Outdoor Arts.


"For us it’s not just the physical space but the community that comes with it that has been really valuable. When we show up there’s already a bespoke mentoring that happens – both with the staff at 101, but even there’s a group working next door that’s been doing outdoor arts for 15/ 20 years & they’ve been able to advise us."

Ailin Conant, Artistic Director of Theatre Temoin

Rehearsal Spaces

The Middle Bay rehearsal space of 101 with some large sculptured paper lanterns against the wall to the right.

The Middle Bay

  • Floor dimensions: 12 x 24 metres
  • Height: 5.5 metres at apex
  • Access: Flat, double warehouse door access
  • Other features: Can be blacked out if necessary. Ability to rig for aerial work
An image of the interior of a vast warehouse rehearsal space at 101, The Big Space, which has a pitched roof

The Big Space

  • Floor dimensions: 12 x 24 metres plus additional space separated by columns (please see floor plan)
  • Height: 5.5 metres at apex
  • Access: Through a warehouse door (with a loading ramp), or through the Middle Bay. A van can be driven into the space where necessary.
  • Other features: Additional toilets, shower and laundry features. Ability to rig for aerial work.
People kneeling in a circle in the dance studio at 101 outdoor arts

The Dance Studio

  • Floor dimensions: 10 x 8 metres - dance flooring is always in place, can be removed by prior arrangement, to provide concrete flooring.
  • Height: 5.5 metres at apex
  • Access: Accessed through The Dining Room, through a double door.
  • Other features: Additional toilets, shower and laundry facilities. Ability to rig for aerial work.
Image of a small dance studio with mirrors - the mini studio at 101 outdoor arts. A person sits on the floor against the wall and there are hula hoops on the floor.

The Mini Studio

  • Floor dimensions: 6.3m x 7.5m
  • Height: 2.5 meters
  • Access: Accessed through The Big Space via a double door.
  • Other features: Harlequin dance flooring [add thickness], mirrors and 2 wall heaters, mats and the possibility to set up gym equipment on request.
An image of the metal workshop at 101 Outdoor Arts. Tools, work benches and toolboxes organised in large warehouse with pitched roof.

The Fabrication Workshop

  • Dimensions: 12 x 24 metres
  • Primary uses: Metal work, wood work, assembly. Resident makers can be engaged to fabricate set items for companies.
  • Workshop tools include: ring roller, welder, radial arm saw, various hand and power tools.
  • Consumables: Depending on amount of use there may be a charge for these.
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Image of mezzanine at 101. Image shows large wooden conference room table with some chairs, windows facing into the dining room area and a pitched roof lit up with fairy lights.

The Mezzanine

A large area overlooking the dining room where companies can hold meetings for up to 18 people.

The mezzanine offers a quiet place chance for companies to do administration work, with access to a computer and printer. Projection facilities are also available.

Image of the kitchen at 101. a Black dog is looking back at the camera.

The Kitchen

There two fully equipped kitchens in one space, so that companies can self cater during their stay. We can also provide the contact for a very reasonable local chef if required.

- 2 dishwashers

- 1 oversize fridge freezer + 1 other large fridge

- 3 microwaves, 3 toasters, many pots and pans, crockery and utensils

Image of dining room area at 101. 3 large wooden dining room tables with chairs are placed in the center and in the corner against the wall are some large puppet sculptures.

The Dining Room

Our dining room is a communal space to meet, eat together, relax and socialise.

Shared by visiting companies and other users of the building, there are tables and seating for up to 25, sofas, and other furniture.


Exterior of 101 cabins.  Grey containers placed ontop of one another with stairs leading up to the top level. Fairy lights decorate the containers and stairs.
  • Directly next to 101 are 15 purpose built cabins, newly built in 2018.
  • Each cabin is ensuite with small double beds (couples can share).
  • One cabin is wheelchair accessible.
  • If your company exceeds 15, up to 6 single camp beds can be installed in the cabins, if people are happy to twin.
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Converted container cabins. Close up of exterior of cabins.


Venue accessibility

Read more about accessibility at 101.

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