This image is of 2 artists performing at an outdoor show with an audience. One of the artists is standing on a metal pole, holding a lamp lantern to the left.  The other artist to the right of the image is caught mid somersault with both legs in the air while they perform on a different metal structure. The image is taken at night and the sky is lit up with an orange ambient smoke/mist.

Outdoor Events

Experience the public spaces that you know transformed, or through new eyes. 101 and Corn Exchange Newbury run a year round, free programme of outdoor arts performances.

You can see performances and art work by a range of national and international companies and artists, in locations in and around Newbury.

Artists performing outdoor arts with an audience. 3 performers silhouetted stand on top of ladders all at different levels. The image is taken at night and is lit up with a red smoke against some trees.

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Browse our archive of all past events from the past ten years, including outdoor events, sharings of new work and workshops.

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Performing artists in motion on a stage with graffiti backdrop behind them

Get Involved

Find out how to become a volunteer steward or volunteer performer for our outdoor events.

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“It was beautiful how they performed it, and I was intrigued how they managed to fit their performance into an unfamiliar space and play off all the furniture in the market place as if they'd been rehearsing here for years.”

Audience member

Expect the unexpected, irreverent fun, or stirred emotions, and always inventiveness and creativity. You could see giant puppets walking through town with a parade of drummers; or magical fire and water installations all over the town centre.

You might be taken for a walk by a silver sphere emitting electronic sounds, or see a thought provoking outdoor theatre performance about migration.

"I think it's fantastic, really good, and for the kids as well, to get a real taste of culture that they wouldn't normally."

"I come to all the open air stuff if I can. I like performance art - it doesn't have to be traditional. Sometimes you have to take a punt but you come along, stand and enjoy something like that, and it gives you an experience that perhaps you wouldn't normally have."

Audience members at our outdoor events