Breathing room Installation. In the image is a large tunnel of soft white decorations which blanket the inner tube walls of the tunnel and have light peeking through.

Design & Fabrication

Our wood and metal workshop is dedicated to making art installations, sets for shows, giant puppets, props and the other wonderful inventions that make outdoor arts so exciting.

Skilled artists and makers can make use of the workshop as part of their residencies, and we accept external commissions of all sizes.

“101 is freedom, is giving room for creativity, for failure, for exploration. 101 is home”

Anja Meinhardt, Artistic Director, Justice in Motion

A hand holds a tool, working on a set of coloured wires and switches.

What's our workshop used for?

Our workshop is used for new builds, external commissions, restoration of existing work and prototyping. We aim to accommodate all ideas and to support unusual requests wherever possible.

For instance, we built a shipping container with clear sides and a travelator outdoors, as it was too large for the workshop.

Who can use the Fabrication Workshop?

  • Artists and makers in residence with a good level of previous training at wood and metal working can use the workshop as part of their residency on an in-kind basis, by prior arrangement.
  • If you don’t have the right skill level, our Head of Design or a resident maker can be engaged, and we can help you cost this for your project budget.
  • We can also bring in local carpenters, scenic painters, puppetry experts, electronics specialists and other local specialist expertise.
  • If it's the first time you've used us, you’ll be asked to undertake a workshop induction to cover health and safety and other protocols.
A person holds a tool, sending orange sparks flying, in the fabrication workshop at 101.

Workshop size and specifications:

  • The space is 12x24 metres in area with just under 6 meters head room at the apex.
  • There are large sliding doors of about 3 metres high and 4 metres wide giving access from the road and car park for vehicles, deliveries and loading etc
  • There are two smaller double doors giving access to the middle bay which can be used as an extension of the workspace by arrangement.
  • There is a wood burner and space heater for the winter months. A new heater is currently being fitted.
  • We have an internet connection and the all important workshop PA system.
A person wearing goggles cuts wood using an electric saw.

Workshop equipment

  • The workshop is fully equipped workshop for basic metal and woodwork.
  • There are machines and tools for all processes you would expect to find in a light engineering workshop with basic PPE for communal use.
  • A number of tools are portable and can be used in different parts of the building depending on your needs and by arrangement.
  • We have local connections with specialist firms for CNC laser cutting machines, 3D printing, outside finishing, metal and timber stockists, local companies for engineering sundries of every sort, paint companies and more.

Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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Someone in overalls is building a series of hoops from willow.


Find out about Shedonism, our annual makers' lab. A free flowing marathon of making, eating and after work socialising.


Tools List

Contact us if you would like us to email you a list of tools available in the workshop.

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