Aerial artist training on aerial silks holding a crescent pose with body. Image taken from ground looking up.


At the heart of 101 is our year round programme of artistic residencies.

We host over 50 artistic residencies a year, supporting artists from across the globe to make exciting, innovative work for the outdoors and public spaces.

5 artists rehearsing in the Big Space of 101. The 5 artists are sat on top of a fabricated concrete wall with windows. They have their legs dangling over the set wall. 3 of the artists are looking in the same direction over their shoulder and 2 artists are facing forwards.

What is a residency?

Find out more about the ways in which different artists and companies have used residency time at 101.

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Image of exterior of 101. Image is taken just before dark. Some artists are sitting at wooden benches and tables with umbrellas.

Staying at 101

Find out about our on-site cabin accommodation facilities, including accessibility information.

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The exterior of 101 outdoor arts creation space. A large warehouse with a pitched roof and a giant sliding door open.

Facilities at 101

Learn about 101's four rehearsal spaces for making work, the kitchen and living facilities, and technical specifications.

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Sharings at 101

101 Sharings offer artists a chance

to share work with an audience,

receiving feedback from industry professionals and the public.

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James Wilton Dance talk about their R&D residency at 101

“I love staying, being residential at the place that I’m playing. The ideas fester when you’re not in the studio.”

Gwen Hales, Circus-theatre maker, Director & Choreographer.

Artist standing outside an open caravan door, both arms are raised to the sky is a strong stance. In one hand they hold a protest sign that reads "NO SACRIFICE". the person is holding a passionate but hard expression on there face.

Apply for a Residency

Further information on how to propose a residency at 101, including our application guidelines.

How to Apply
Image of person looking into camera with a friendly face. In their hands they hold willow twine which is at the infant stages of being weaved together.

Resources Hub

Visit our resources page for more residencies

media - interviews, podcasts, past livestreams

and more.

Resources Hub

“What a great place to create work at, we felt very well looked after. It's was very fruitful to have so much focused time at 101, it really allowed us as a company to fully engross ourselves in the work. Also it being the first time I had worked with 4 of the performers, living at 101 allowed us to successfully accelerate our bonding process of a new company working together.”

Jack, Co-Founder/ Artistic Director, Ramshacklicious Stoddart

Recently at 101

Hikapee - Not Today (working title)

Hikapee used the big space to set up the new rig and practice their new circus show Not Today (working title). They experimented with lighting and transformed the rig from metal & perspex to colourful willow tree. 101 gave fabrication support.

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Steal This Circus - Rigging Test

Steal This Circus tested out a new rig at 101 for a trapeze show they’re touring with in Ireland. They needed a space big enough to set up the large rig, and the time to work out any kinks so they were prepared ahead of the tour.

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Autin DT - Parade

Autin DT were halfway through the 2nd stage of development for Parade - The Giant Wheel. They used the Big Space and Middle Bay and 101 supported them in organising a sharing to test out audience participation.

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Airetiko - Threads

Airetiko worked on their new show Threads in the Big Space, where they had lots of space - and height! - to experiment with aerial silks, ropes and hoops alongside live music. 101 assisted with rigging, lighting & sound.

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Two dancers interact with a giant screen of glass windows. One dancer pushes the screen, the other vaults over the top.

Alleyne Dance – Bonded

Alleyne Dance tested a new revolving set for an international touring show. The 101 team supported this by resolving technical problems and organising the presentation of an international livestream. Funded by Without Walls.

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Ashley Peevor & Nikki Watson - The Lost Opera

A residency of separate weeks at 101 developing an interactive choreography and costume-based show where audiences join in with the music using mobile technology. 101 arranged a trial performance with a test audience.

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Two absurd female clownlike characters stand side by side with microphones, one with giant breasts, both with brightly coloured headdresses. They look like absurd burlesque dancers.

Beady Eye, Mearth Mothers

Beady Eye spent two weeks developing a new touring, mid-scale static contemporary theatre show, about a trio of noxious climate clowns in extraordinary costumes, to tour to festivals. Funded by Without Walls.

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5 people sit on top of a giant jagged concrete wall

Far From the Norm - Good Youtes Walk

In their first residency at 101, this hop hop dance theatre company developed their new mid scale static touring theatre show about the youth of today attempting to reclaim their future and create unity and empathy.

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Two giant tentacles are being built at 101. A man stands on a stepladder working on one of the tentacles.

LAStheatre, The Rascally Diner

A two week fabrication and set design residency, followed by a second week rehearsing a new children's show about a grotesque kitchen, exploring sustainability and food provenance. 101 gave technical fabrication support.

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An aerialist dangles from silks in a motion capture suit. Next to her an animated figure replicates her movements.

Hikapee & Huldufugl, The Hidden People

This residency explored creative uses of technology and a new collaboration which saw Huldufugl using VR to make a film of Hikapee's aerialists performing in motion capture suits.

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