Performing artists in motion on a stage with graffiti backdrop behind them


Welcome to 101

101 is a principle UK residential centre for outdoor arts creation and production. We are a national hub for innovation and talent development in the outdoor arts, and a space for dialogue, collaboration and learning.

Performer posing in silver, skin tight leotard with red fluffy wig against white backdrop

Meet the Team

Find out about 101's core staff members here, the key faces you'll encounter at 101.

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Performing artists rehearsing in middle bay of 101


Find out more about 101's rehearsal spaces, workshop and technical specifications.

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Colourful paper lanterns lit up in outdoor space with canal in foreground reflecting the light from the lanterns.

Get Involved

Find out about volunteer stewarding, internships and more.

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“Residency time at 101 has allowed me to develop new ideas that I could not have experimented with anywhere else in the UK.”

Maresa von Stockert, Tilted Productions

Three artists holding a contemporary pose in unison


Read accessibility information for 101's building, workshop and accommodation.

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Large paper lantern of fish in Newbury high street. Image taken at night- red and orange hues light up the high street and creates a lovely contrast from the dark blue skies.

How to Find Us

Directions and maps, and how to get in touch.

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Hikapee in residence at 101, 2021. An acrobat is suspended from silks on a scaffold while other people look on.

A Large Scale Creation & Production Facility

Based in a 20,000 square foot warehouse on the former Greenham Common US Airbase, 101 houses both giant and intimate rehearsal spaces, ensuite accommodation facilities, and a fabrication workshop.

Artist performing aerial dance from suspended silks. Blue lighting cascades in the backdrop.

Outdoor Arts Residencies

We host around 50 residencies a year for the creation and production of new work for the outdoors and public spaces. We also curate our own programme of R & D residencies fostering innovation and experimentation.

Image of 4 artists performing a live outdoor show in Newbury. The artists are dressed in a mix mash of baggy casual clothes inspired by brass band uniform. The artists in the background are playing instruments and the artist in the center is talking into a prop megaphone with their other hand stretched out in a 'stop' gesture.

Artistic Programme

101 presents a year round programme of outdoor arts performances and installations, mostly in and around Newbury. We also develop our own creative projects in partnership with artists.

Image is of an artist leaning against a tree, they are wearing some hand crafted glasses made of fine, twisted willow. The artist has both their hands up, gesturing to the twine frame glasses which are perched at a slight angle on the face .

101 Labs and Artist Development

We run a programme of professional development for outdoor artists working across a range of disciplines. Our series of 101 labs includes residential workshops, talks, workshops and symposia.

Large paper lantern of fish in Newbury high street. Image taken at night- red and orange hues light up the high street and creates a lovely contrast from the dark blue skies.

101 is more than its building and its programme. It’s a holistic space that allows dialogue to happen. It’s often the conversations in our communal dining space during labs and residencies where learning takes place, and new connections are forged, and new languages found around devising and creating

Danielle Corbishley Head of 101 and Outdoor Programmes