7 people, casually dressed are in a field a looking at 1 person who is holding a small artistic hand made structure. The artistic object appears to be made from willow and fabric.

Artist Development

101 supports and develops the outdoor arts sector, nurturing innovation and experimentation in site-specific and outdoor performance.

101 curates a programme of R&D residencies: Seedbed, and runs a year round programme of training and professional development: 101Labs.

A close up of a hand holding an ensemble of natural objects (such as , leaves, twigs and flowers) placed in a careful artistic manner.

101 Labs

101Labs is our professional development programme, bringing artists together for inspiration, discussion and debate. There are labs for directors, writers, landscape artists, circus artists, performers and more.

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Kundle Cru Dancers rehearsing

Seedbed Residencies

Seedbed is 101's curated programme of residencies, working with experienced artists who want to explore new ideas at an early stage, exploring new creative collaborations, techniques or technologies.

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“A safe place to experiment and explore”

Wildworks Landscape Theatre Lab participant

Featured Labs

The following 101Labs are annual or regular events. Join the ongoing discussion and debate, meet new contacts and gain a regular network of peer support & inspiration.

Look out for the next date for these events in the upcoming labs section above.

Summer School

Summer School is 101's programme of intensive residential workshops for professional artists working across disciplines.

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An image of a close up of the corner of the 101 building. On top is written in large "TOOLBOX" with a smaller caption underneath saying "Leadership and development residency for producers working outdoors and in public spaces"

For producers: Toolbox

If you’re an outdoor arts producer then Toolbox is your chance to gain peer support, and to talk about the passions, frustrations and challenges of producing in an outdoor arts context.

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An unusual homemade vehicle on the street

For Makers: Shedonism

Shedonism is our annual weekend long maker’s jam, and a meeting of the marvellous minds behind the wierd and wonderful inventions that make outdoor arts so exciting.

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A crowd of people seated holding placards with animal names on

Devoted and Disgruntled

Our free annual Open Space Event is a place to talk about the issues that matter to you & what makes outdoor arts so special. Make like-minded connections and influence the future of the scene.

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