DOMINOES, Station House Opera

Saturday 25th June 2022

Newbury Town Centre
Free (no booking required)

Be part of this playful yet epic piece as it weaves through the streets of Newbury.

Thousands of concrete blocks installed by hundreds of volunteers form a meandering line through the town, traversing roads, pavements, waterways and parks. At a pre-arrangedsignal, the first block falls, knocking over the second, the third and the fourth – gaining momentum until the toppling blocks surge through the streets, creating a spectacle that is engaging, mesmerising and witty.

Blocks climb steps, cross bridges, teeter from high places and execute gravity defying routines along 1km of route. Choose your place to watch as the domino fall comes past or plan to chase them en route to their final destination in this monumental but fleeting installation.

A map of the route will be available on our website in advance of the day

Get Involved

Volunteer at Dominoes.

BE PART OF DOMINOES: You, your work colleagues, friends and family can be part of the Dominoes team in Newbury! email to get involved.

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Dominoes is produced by Artsadmin. The Corn Exchange’s Outdoor Programme is produced by 101 Outdoor Arts with the support of Greenham Trust and Arts Council England.

For this event we are proud to partner with Greenham Trust’s 25th Anniversary Youth Appeal fundraising day. Find out about the Youth Appeal HERE

Map - Choose your place to watch or chase the dominoes en route to their final destination