Live Stream - Live Sharing with Lewis Cooke & Samuel Baxter (35:19)

Watch this fantastic livestream again about Lewis and Samuel's residency at 101 Outdoor Arts in November 2021, looking at innovative use of costumes with harnesses in dance.

The interview begins 35 minutes and 19 seconds into the video: please note that you'll need to scroll forward.

Hear how the dancers wanted to explore touch, which seemed an important theme to explore with the loss of normal touch during the pandemic. They tested a new harness within their costume to help them innovate new methods of lifting and contact - for instance playing with the dynamics of the costumes, counterbalancing, tilting on and off the axis.

You can see a demonstration of the costumes and how they work.

"The harness has been a huge part of the piece, and it's been a pleasure to explore what's been possible with those this week."

Live Sharing with Lewis Cooke & Samuel Baxter