A man wearing large headphones stands in an open field, as part as What Are You To Me? What Am I To You? at 101 Outdoor Arts

What are you to me? What am I to you?

WHAT ARE YOU TO ME? WHAT AM I TO YOU? (Live Sci-Fi with Drone), Alex Bradley with Bill Leslie, Johnny Clarke, Scott Smith, and Aerovue

December 2017

Nominated by In Between Time.

For WAYTM? WAITY?, composer, producer and performer Alex Bradley set out to question the burgeoning use of algorithms in everything we do. He collaborated with specialist drone operators, Aerovue, to create an adapted drone, and explored its use on the derelict former Greenham Common runways.

Working with Aerovue, Alex Bradley set out to create an adapted drone that could react, debate and lead an audience on a journey with a multiple set of outcomes.Using a performer in real time to be a voice inside the head of the spectator, Alex Bradley used the derelict land around the former Greenham runways as an evocative and redolent space to explore this concept.

His aim was to create a piece exploring empathy – creating a rapport between the drone and the participant. He looked at making value from data that doesn't have much to show for it except for proving and delivering an expected number of outcomes.

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