Live Long and Die Out


December 2017

Melanie Wilson with Melanie Pappenheim, Adey Grummett, Kate Hugget and Joshua Pharo.

Nominated and produced in association with Fuel.

Melanie Wilson and the team of artists undertook a residency at Four Corners - the second part of a two week research and development for the project. Melanie spent the first week at Arts Depot in London, exploring the content and working with the three singers.

At 101 they took that material and projected the images and text next to the singers. They worked at 101 for two days, and then in Newbury town centre at different locations, testing the suitability for projections.

This phase was not intended specifically for a public audience but rather to test out the technical aspects. However, there were passers-by who engaged in lively debate around the subject.

101 brought in outdoor video specialist Giles Thacker from Shared Space and Light to help develop the project and mobile sound and projection platforms were built in the workshop at 101 prior to the artists’ arrival.

Melanie considered that the team derived a great volume of learning from the process, and developed some collaborative relationships that since have proved long-lasting. From this R & D, it became clear that there were two projects emerging and they decided to take forward the music aspect, realising that the projection element was a separate project.

“101 masterminded all the logistics of travel, transport and support… they completely oiled the wheels, inspired us and helped the project to evolve from the indoor to the outdoor… 101 is a door into the network of outdoor arts – it shapes the conversation around why outdoor art matters, what it is and can be, and its unique positioning in the UK and internationally.”

Melanie Wilson
A projection of white letters onto a brick wall in the town centre. The words read:
White words projected onto a brick wall at night in Newbury town centre. The words read:
Lots of scrawled, handwritten words on a wall, black on white. Words such as ozone, family, deforestation, carbon emissions and many more.