Three dancers mid-move stand with their arms spread wide at the 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.

Blame Game Unlimited


September 2019

Nominated and produced by Crying Out Loud.

In this residency, Kundle Cru explored the hybrid between Hip Hop, Krump, Parkour, BBoy and circus including juggling, acrobatics and Chinese pole, as part of the development process for their production Blame Game.

Over an exciting two week residential period an international team of company members investigated a diverse mix of new approaches to creating work for outdoors. Coming from Ireland, Italy, Poland. Sweden, Uganda and the UK, the artists had worked both indoors and outdoors and wanted to create a core of a show that could be adapted to different sites and localities.

They involved members of the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective in a three-day workshop to help develop the piece. They also worked with members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra - French horn, cello and percussion - bringing together classical musicians with powerful, jerky Krump movements. It was an inspiring collaboration, and although they decided not to include live musicians in the piece, it helped to develop their process.

The artists filled every moment of their time at 101 with energetic, playful and thoughtful investigation resulting in some impressive and stimulating new discovery and discussion around movement languages.

This was a hugely rewarding SEEDBED residency for 101, a fast paced, fresh, jam packed two weeks where it was clear that 101's resources supported a very exciting new project.

The artists and Crying Out Loud appreciated that the project was taken so seriously. It was an invaluable opportunity to get away from London and focus intensely on the work, and to invite promoters to see the work in progress.

The company have now further developed Blame Game with residencies and work in progress presentations. Blame Game looks at our constant search for a scapegoat - by pointing the finger at the ‘other’, those who we disagree with politically and socially, we escape our personal responsibilities.

A male dancer in a blue tshirt dances, both hands pointing with his right arm outstretched in the 101 rehearsal space.
A male and female dancer rehearse in 101 outdoor arts creation space.
Images used with permission from Kundle Kru

Blame Game Unlimited Video

“Working at 101 gave the artists aspirations and made them go deeper because of the time and the input of visiting artists. It gave them a feel of 'slow working', not just to make a show right now.”

Rachel Clare Crying Out Loud

Company members include:

Matt Szczerek, Alessio Motta, Timothy Waliggo-Kakeeto, Jack Bain, Louiseanne Wong and composer Greg Szczerek.

Blame Game Unlimited

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