Impact Report

101 Ambition for Excellence Impact Report 

Written by Belinda Kidd

This report tells the story of the ground-breaking creative talent development, innovation and sector support programme delivered by 101 Outdoor Arts –National Centre for Arts in Public Space from 2017 –2022 and funded principally by Arts Council England and Greenham Trust.

Over this period over 1,200 practitioners working in public space have directly benefited from a series of supported residencies, skills labs, symposia, individual training and international opportunities. Beyond this the development of the facilities at 101 enabled it to host a further 1,565 artists through its general residencies between the start of the programme in 2017 through to March 2022. This evaluation has found much evidence of the profound impact felt by the artists, makers and producers involved but also the benefit that this investment ultimately has to hundreds of thousands of audiences each year across the UK.

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