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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a residency at 101?

101 offers residency opportunities to selected professional companies producing high quality outdoor arts work. There is no formal application process – the programme is curated and the choice of companies reflects our interests and the range of work we seek to develop. You can write to us with a proposal or contact us for an informal discussion. Due to significant initial interest we anticipate the number of artists seeking residencies to far exceed the space available in the calendar.

What can 101 offer?

101 offers free use of its available spaces to artists during residences. It offers accommodation in a number of refurbished vintage caravans on-site. We can also offer aspects of technical support and equipment within our existing resources. 101 is a hub for information and advice and we are always very willing to share contacts, skills and experience with artists. The space is flexible but it can get cold in winter. We can help to support scratch performances or work in progress showings either in the space or within Newbury.

What do we need to know?

If you are interested in a residency send us information about your company and your proposed residency project. We want to know who you intend to work with and what you are trying to achieve from the residency. We need to know when you would like to use the space and for how long. It is helpful to know what type of activities you will be undertaking in the space and how many people will be coming. Whilst we try to offer exclusive use of the space where possible, if you can share facilities it is really helpful to know this (and will increase the chances of us being able to work with you).

What do we want in return?

We see ourselves as playing a key role in the development of ambitious outdoor arts work in the UK and as part of a wider European network of creation centres. Above all we want to play our part in making great projects possible and we want to support the creative process and artistic needs of companies in order to do this. If you would like to benefit from a residency we would also like to talk with you from an early stage about how you might engage with the local community as part of this. You might be able to offer workshops for a local group, present a discussion or some small performances alongside the residency. We would also want you to acknowledge the support you receive from us on your publicity. In some cases we might want you to agree to share costs where we might have to incur particular expenditure above what we can offer to the majority of companies.

What are the timescales involved?

Ideally we would like to hear from artists at least six months to a year before a residency will take place but understand that this won’t always be practical. Most residencies will last for one to two weeks. Longer residencies are theoretically possible but less usual. PLEASE NOTE: Since outdoor work is by its nature, highly seasonal, the busiest time of the year will be in spring. If you are seeking a residency between February and April it is far less likely that we will be able to accommodate you than in November/December.


101 is located on Greenham Business Park – address is 101, Communication Road, Greenham Business Park, Newbury, RG19 6HN

We are located next to Greenham Common. Find out more

We are 4 miles from Newbury train station. It is possible to get a bus from Newbury (Bus station is 10 minute walk from Newbury Train Station) to just down the road from 101. Timetable can be found here.

There is a Tesco Extra about 5 minute drive from 101: https://goo.gl/maps/F1h2tgzzEBE2

The Swan Inn is just a 5 minute drive away too: https://goo.gl/maps/d7nL2dcUEG...