The Bell

THE BELL, Periplum

11th Aug 2012, Market Place, Newbury

Featuring fire and pyro designed by The World Famous, The Bell was a sensory extravaganza that brought battle to the streets, with themes of transcending conflict and finding resolution through shared struggle.

Periplum are known for their epic signature 360 degree surround performances, with the action moving in and around the spectators. The Bell immersed audiences in soaring music, dynamic promenade action, arial performance and mobile structures, in a poweful call to battle.

The show explored timeless human themes, creating a potent tale of hope and redemption, taking inspiration from the visceral imagery of films by Akira Kurosawa (Ran) and Andrei Tarkovsky (Andrei Rublev).

Beginning amidst a battlefield, an angel called a war-ravaged clan to defend itself one last time, prompting fire-wielding soldiers, stilt-walking wraiths and huge mobile structures to cut through the audience as the battle commenced.

The Bell

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