In the foreground, a man in a white t-shirt, black cap and orange gloves stands pushing a large metal bell shaped structure. Behind, Newbury Market Place is filled with large scaffolding structures that have giant metal bells and attached swinging back and forth like pendulums, and a crowd gathered around the outside.

Ring out


May 2017, Market Place, Newbury

In Ray Lee's Ring Out, a team of ‘bell-ringers’ operated giant metal swinging pendulums, making large bell cones swing to and fro like surreal pieces of industrial machinery.

They gradually swung higher and higher, until by the end of the twenty-five minute piece, each arm soared up over the heads of the audience, ringing forth with a peel of electronic tones that combined into a transfixing harmony of pulsing drones.

The audience were able to walk around the space, experiencing the micro-melodies shifting and changing as the piece progressed.

Ring Out continued 101's ongoing support of the work of multi award-winning composer and artist Ray Lee, whose distinctive combination of sound and kinetic sculpture has thrilled audiences the world over.

Ring Out was presented with thanks to Oxford Contemporary Music, PRS Foundation and Arts Council England.

Newbury Market Place at dusk, large metal scaffolding structures with giant metal bells swinging between them stand in front of the clocktower which is silhouetted against the dark blue sky.
A line of large metal bell structures all swung up towards the sky sit in Newbury Market Place.
A large metal bell structure is swinging back and forth in front of the Corn Exchange building Newbury. The Market place is rainy and audiences stand in coats and under umbrellas.