Reve D'Herbert lead image. Three white snowman shaped blow up puppets glowing light from inside play with a large white floating orb on a dark street in Newbury.

Reve D'Herbert


13 Dec 2009, Newbury Town Centre

Nearly 3000 visitors braved the cold weather and gathered in Newbury to watch French artists, Quidams, perform Reve d’Herbert, which launched Newbury’s outdoor arts program.

First up, a Klezmer band, the Matzos, played pacey, infectious music and had a people up dancing in the street.

A group of mysterious, silent, white robed characters on stilts appeared, and began to explore the town, moving in slow motion dance and communicating only with slow gestures. They seemed to be attracted to light, like moths, gazing at wall lights and illuminated street signs with a reverential fascination.

As they approached the Market Place they transformed into spectacular and playful white giants with illuminated heads, four metres high, operated as puppets by the performers who were nestled in their middles. The giants interacted with members of the public and linked together and danced.

Finally, in a beautiful finale, a white, moon-like sphere slowly rose into the sky, casting light onto the performers and the public.

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