A giant green praying mantis puppet, illuminated from underneath, walks through Newbury Market place at dusk.



Saturday 16th July 2011, Newbury Town Centre

Sarruga’s parade of giant insects wowed and entertained a huge crowd in Newbury, with puppetry genius, close up interaction, and sprays of water.

Sarruga create events with a spirit of fun – their director, Patika Gutiérrez, said before the show, that he hoped Insectes would be a ‘party for the people’ and that the public in Newbury would ‘play with us.’

The audience were wowed as a procession of giant insect puppets came walking towards them, including a slightly terrifying larger than life spider with four eyes and a strikingly real walking action, animating its eight angular legs.

There was a giant ant, and a grasshopper tall enough that it could open it's mouth and spray onlookers watching from the upstairs windows along the high street with water. The public squealed and laughed as they were sprayed with mists of water and steam by the and and spider, and some tried to get in the right position to be sprayed.

The audience were able to move freely amongst the puppets, interacting with them and getting a close up look.

A giant ant puppet walks through the crowd at dusk in Newbury.
A large, bright green praying mantis puppet next to buildings in Newbury.

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