Outside the Newbury Corn Exchange in the dark, a giant puppet made of light is high above the heads of the crowd as well as a drummer in a costume illuminated with white lights.

Sense of Unity

SENSE OF UNITY, Presented by Dundu and Worldbeat

Thur 29th Jun – Fri 30th Jun 2017, Newbury Town Centre

Sense of Unity brought two stunning illuminated Dundu puppets from Germany together with the UK’s LED lit percussion ensemble Worldbeaters for a first time collaboration, resulting in a high energy night time parade of light and music.

Brought together in a new collaboration through a residency at 101, Worldbeater’s dynamic band of illuminated drummers, costumed in white light like electrical marionettes, marched through the streets of Newbury, with a tiny puppet of light dancing on their drums. Baby Dundu balanced on the back of the kora player and even jumped into the arms of charmed audience members.

Meanwhile, gentle giant Dundu walked the streets greeting people, and danced between the musicians, as the audience watched to see what would happen when the two puppets met.

The musicians moved in different formations with slick choreography, sometimes surrounding the audience, and with the audience sometimes surrounding them.

Fusing different musical worlds, World Beaters brings West African Kora music together with Latin American based drumming riffs and rhythms. Since 2006 the Dundu puppets have brought joy and inspiration to people around the world. Establishing new ways of storytelling, the puppets connect us to universal tales of togetherness.

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