Open House

OPEN HOUSE, No Fit State

Sat 13th June, in and around Northbrook Street, Newbury Town Centre.

In 2015, world renowned company, No Fit State, launched a circus invasion, turning Northbrook street into a joyous circus village where anything could happen and everything became an excuse for performance and spectacle.

In this daytime circus experience directed by Orit Azaz, there was no big top. Instead, washing lines unfolded and there were flags, umbrellas and deckchairs and piles of bric-a-brac in the high street, and a joyous menagerie of acrobats and aerialists exploding out of caravans.

Around five thousand people saw the four two-hour performances on Saturday and Sunday. Local gymnasts from the Kennet District Gymnastics Club and aerial fitness group Spin City performed as part of the main show alongside the No Fit State Performers.

A colony of musicians played music lively Eastern European music and circus fun erupted from unexpected places, wowing and entertaining shoppers and passers by. Aerialists swung through the street, acrobats balanced and there was a tightrope act, plus fun choreography with deckchairs and umbrellas. Children and brave members of the public joined in with hula hooping or tried their hand at walking the tightrope.

No Fit State

Founded in 1986, No Fit State is a company that lives together, works together, eats together, laughs and cries together – travelling in trucks, trailers and caravans and living and breathing as one community with a special spirit. They combine contemporary circus with live music, dance, stage design, text, and film with traditional circus skills.

No Fit State

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