NOCTURN Dance Summer Intensive

NOCTURN Summer Intensive
15-16 Jun 2024

10am – 4pm each day
at 101 Outdoor Arts

Join Nocturn Dance for a Summer Intensive, a must-attend event for adults, especially those aged 55 and above!

Join Nocturn Dance for a Summer Intensive, an event tailored for adults, particularly those aged 55 and above! Over two days of creative exploration, you and your fellow participants will have the chance to immerse yourselves in both indoor and outdoor settings at 101 Outdoor Arts. Together, we'll collaborate to craft a one-of-a-kind movement and physical theatre film.

From lively brainstorming sessions to hands-on choreography workshops, each day promises a blend of enjoyable and fulfilling tasks. But it's more than just about movement; it's about breathing life into your stories in a digital format. On the filming day, which falls on Sunday, we'll capture your performances, and then our team will work their magic to transform them into a film. You can look forward to seeing the final result on the NOCTURN website and Vimeo channel alongside our other captivating community engagement films. Plus, we'll host a special Zoom gathering the following weekend for all participants to preview the finished film before its official release.

Guiding you through this enriching experience is the seasoned professional John Darvell, renowned for his ability to make workshops like these truly memorable. Together, we'll embark on a journey of creativity and connection.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Join us for NOCTURN’s Summer Intensive, and let's create something truly magical together!

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Duration: 2 days

10am – 4pm each day

Suitable for all abilities.

Clothing: please wear trainers.

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