Digital Symposium


Hosted and produced by 101 in partnership with Without Walls

10th Dec 2019, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

The Digital Symposium brought together 120 delegates and inspiring array of artists, producers and creative technologists who shared examples of inspiring recent work, and the stories, partnerships and inspirations behind the creative process.

We're delighted to offer the chance to watch videos of some of the presentations from this page.

Originally intended for 60 delegates, this popular event was expanded to 120 people to meet high demand, and was hosted and chaired by 101's Creative Associate, Bill Gee.

A 3 minute overview of the Digital and the Outdoors Symposium

Brendan Walker, Thrill Laboratory and Digital Playground

"I am a thrill engineer, I have a formula for thrill." Brendan Walker

Studio GoGo’s only remit is to create visceral virtual reality experiences for moving structures. Hear about VR Playground, created for an audience on swings; VOLO Dreams of Flight, celebrating the flying machines created by Leonardo Da Vinci, and Studio GoGo's VR work planned for the Cyclone Twist funfair ride at Dreamland, Margate's vintage amusement park.

Studio GoGo website

Catherine Waddington, Abandon Normal Devices

Catherine Waddington, Abandon Normal Devices:

Responding to location and local people comes first - before choosing which technology to work with, in AND's approach to commissioning outdoor work. Hear about the partnerships and R & D investment that supported AND's VR work in remote locations - such as In the Eyes of the Animal and Waterlicks, and work using data from the telescopes at Jodrell Bank.

Abandon Normal Devices

Donna Close, Cultural Strategist and Research Fellow

Donna Close, Cultural Strategist and Senior Research Fellow

Donna talks about how technology is influencing audiences to want to experience work with more interaction, and how outdoor artists already do this well. She covers the role of Creation Centres in France, the role of festivals and partnerships, and the way that the outdoor arts is good at making the ownership and surveillance of our public spaces visible.

Hilary O'Shaughnessy, Watershed and Digital Collaboration

Hilary O Shaughnessy Watershed and Digital Collaboration

Hear about the work of Pervasive Media studio, who host 120 artist's residencies a year investigating questions around the purposes and role of technologies. Features choreographer Laura Kriefmann’s dancing cranes; Troy Innocent's Melbourne tram transformed into a musical score that can be played by people’s mobile phones; and artists in Seoul, Korea, who engage with the challenges of urban development.

Pervasive Media Studio

Ling Tan, Designer, Maker and Software Developer

Ling tan, Designer, Maker and Software Developer

Ling Tan talks about how her background in architecture has influenced her work, from outdoor spectacle to urban technology products. She features examples of outdoor work using wearable technologies, and work with communities.

Ling Tan

Ray Lee, Sound Artist and Composer

Ray Lee, Sound Artist and Composer

Ray Lee talks about the inspirations and technical processes behind the creation of his outdoor promenade performance Congregation where the audience carry silver spheres which use sound to tell the bearer which way they should walk.

Ray Lee

Closing Plenary

Closing Plenary

"What does the future look like for this integrated world of digital and outdoor arts?" Watch the closing plenary session of the conference.