A group of carnival dancers move down the street with their arms raised and huge smiles, wearing silver and black bikini style costumes and purple feathers.

Dance and The Outdoors Symposium


Produced and devised by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and The Place, in partnership with Birmingham International Dance Festival

Tuesday 28th June 2021 - Monday 15th Nov 2021 online

A two day digital conference that took place, bringing together practitioners, producers and presenters of outdoor dance to explore how artists are creating work for public space.

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With insights from Rosemary Lee, Luca Silvestrini, Jeanefer Jean Charles, Satchie Noro, Stopgap and many more, the symposium looked at a range of practices in locations from urban to rural and in contexts that covered touring to site-specific to participant-led.

These stimulating panel sessions shined a spotlight on the wealth of outdoor dance practice and explored how this distinctive yet diverse field is contributing to the development of dance – bringing new audiences, new approaches and creating interventions that transform and disrupt our relationship with the world around us.

This was 101’s first venture into holding a major symposium online. It worked well, reaching 377 delegates with an international reach. 101 worked to ensure an inclusive range of speakers were chosen, covering a diverse spread of dance forms.

A survey showed that all respondents (27) gave scores of 90% and above for their satisfaction with the event.

The event instigated a new partnership with The Place and there are now discussions underway about future work together.

Introduction and Keynote by Rosemary Lee

The Politics and Poetics of Working Outdoors

Community Co-Creation & Collaboration

Scenography, Architecture and Outdoor Dance

Digital Play and Exploration in Outdoor Dance

Wrap Up Session

Christine Elliot, Senior Producer at The Place, commented:

"It was a pleasure to work in partnership with 101 to deliver the Outdoor Dance Symposium. Simon & Danielle brought rigour and generosity to the process of planning & delivering the event – they wear their expertise lightly, but their networks, and the depth and sensitivity of their knowledge of outdoor arts, are impressive. 101 ensured that the event ran smoothly and that the discussions were curated & held with care."

This conference was part of the Outdoor Dance Collection 2021, a brand new programme also including the UK Dance Showcase devised and delivered by XTRAX and Dance4 as part of Dance from England. Both events were delivered in partnership with DanceXchange, producers of BIDF.

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