Communicating Climate Crisis Lab

OCM & 101 Outdoor Arts present

Communicating Climate Crisis

Making art in times of emergency

3 day residential lab
7th-9th November 2022
@ 101 Outdoor Arts

Communicating Climate Crisis Film

This Communicating Climate Crisis was a residential lab for artists working outdoors or in the public realm who were interested in making work about the climate crisis that engages audiences and inspires change.

How can we make work that communicates climate issues to audiences in ways that inspires, invigorates, and empowers? How do we encourage audiences to explore, question and take action for change?

Participants were asked to consider how audiences may receive and interpret information about the climate crisis, and how to tackle key challenges in communicating climate issues. They developed an understanding of the experiences of environmental campaign organisations in raising awareness and empowering audiences to take action to combat global warming, reduce pollution and bring about climate justice.

This lab was for artists making work in the outdoors and public space, working with any level of experience and across all disciplines. 5 spaces were also allocated to artists making sound art or contemporary music.

The Communicating Climate Crisis Lab was produced by Oxford Contemporary Music and 101 Outdoor Arts.

The lab was free for artists as part of 101 Outdoor Arts and OCM's supported programmes of professional development supported by Arts Council England, The Foyle Foundation and PRS Foundation.