Three cymbals from metal tubes and wires in a green, leafy tropical garden, surrounded by ferns and water plants.

Kathy Hinde

Design & Fabrication Case Studies:

KATHY HINDE, Water Balance, 2019

Kathy Hinde had been aware of 101 for some time, when as part of a Boom fellowship from OCM (Oxford Contemporary Music), she attended a session at 101 and then moved on to learn welding skills with 101.

She had not had access to this way of working with metal before and wanted to add it to her practice.

Kathy needed assistance with a sound sculpture for Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and asked 101 for help to work on the piece there.

The 101 team helped her produce this complex piece, and most importantly, she learnt the skills to do it herself, so she could test out a wider range of different approaches without the costs of having to pay a maker to do it for her, leading to a stronger result.

She found the experience of staying residentially on site very rewarding, being able to burrow right into the work.

"101 has a really important role because it facilitates and helps people to realise work on a larger scale. That is unique – people couldn’t work at that scale without 101 support. The French outdoor scene is so outstanding because they have a network of these kind of facilities. 101 introduces the possibility to the UK."

Kathy Hinde, Audio-Visual Artist

Images from Water Balance

A close up of a metal tube gently pouring water, set against a green lush pondscape.
Water Balance, Kathy Hinde, 2019
Three cymbals hang across a wet landscape of ferns.
Water Balance 2019, Kathy Hinde

Water Balance at Below the Blanket, 2019, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (produced by Cryptic)