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Thursday 13th May 2021 — Sunday 26th Sep 2021

A group of seven men and women of different ages and races sit around a large wooden table. They are talking to each other and some of them have laptops on the table, whereas others have paper.

Seedbed is 101's funded programme of R&D residencies inviting artists to push the boundaries of work for the outdoors and in public spaces.

Curated by 101, Seedbed nurtures experienced artists who want to explore new ideas at an early stage. Seedbed residents sometimes choose to work with new creative collaborators, or people from other fields (such as science or fine art); develop work for new audiences; or explore new techniques and technologies.

How we select artists for Seedbed

We work with a network of partner 'nominating organisations,' who put forward artists for the scheme. These organisations usually have a history of producing work nationally and internationally. We then invite a selection of the nominated artists to make proposals.

We may also cultivate proposals from artists who we feel would contribute to the programme.

A team at 101 considers the proposal and responds within six weeks.

Nominating organisations don't have to take a producing involvement in the residency, but we do ask them to attend end of project sharings and discussions.

Nominating organisations have included: Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed Bristol; Artsadmin; Crying Out Loud and Fuel.

Past Seedbed Residencies

Live Long and Die Out
Melanie Wilson with Melanie Pappenheim, Adey Grumett, Kate Hugget and Joshu Pharo

What are you to me? What am I to you?
Alex Bradley, with Bill Leslie, Johnny Clarke and Aerovue

Hembharathy Palani, Rachel Davies, Dan Saul of R & D Film

Juliet Robson

Into The Forest
Darren Johnston

Arrivals & Departures
Yara El Sherbina and Davina Drummond

Women & Power
Valentina Ceschi and Kate Lane

Blame Game
Kundle Cru - Matt Szczerek, Alessio Motta, Tim Kakeeto, Jack Bain and Lu Wong with composer Greg Szczerek

Divination Palace
Jim Parris, Xumo Nunjo