Two flashes of bright white light coming from a pole in the dark.

Shedonism 2022


Date TBC - planned for January 2022

101 Outdoor Arts

The next Shedonism is coming soon! Watch this space for the date. Shedonism is our annual residential gathering of the brilliant minds behind the inventions, props and gadgets that make outdoor arts so exciting.

It's a chance to make that idea that's been sitting on the shelf or forming in your head, that's not a commission for someone else. It's a great opportunity to share ideas and gain support for others, and have a whole weekend making marathon with network of inventive people.

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An artist is facing the camera with a smile on their face. They are dressed in casual clothes and are wearing a hat. They are fabricating a movable/working artistic project made from cardboard, metal and string. The caption above the image reads "101 Outdoor Arts" an then a bold title says "SHEDONISM, MAKE AT HOME CHALLENGE"

Shedonism @ Home

Read more about last year's Shedonism, which went online during the pandemic, so that maker's could stay in touch and share encouragement and some games.

A close up of a hand holding a lens, within the lens an image from the background is high lighted and enlarged, it is of 2 people having a discussion in the workshop.


Read our general Shedonism page, and gain an insight into the atmosphere of the event, the people, and what's been made over the years.

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